Halifax Magazine: Stage Presence

Halifax Magazine, par Nicole Trask, 8 mars 2013 - Texte seulement disponible en anglais

There’s a plethora of great music happening right now with East Coast Music Week celebrating their 25th anniversary and taking over the city from March 6th to 10th. It’s exciting to see Halifax thaw out a little bit and spring to life with musicians and music lovers alike making stylish appearances at various venues around town. For someone like me, it’s fantastic people watching and I can’t help but take notice of the East Coast style all around.

At the Ticketpro Pop/Rock stage last night, the musicians brought swagger with tried and true rock and roll fashions.

The vibe was very laid back and with a little edge. I loved that most rockers and audience members were sporting classic styles. I think that when truly beautiful women wear androgynous or borderline masculine looks their natural features shine through and I saw quite a bit of this last night. So, I appreciated the toques, boots, jeans and sexy, ruffled hair. Meanwhile, men were sporting glasses, button-down shirts and trousers. It was refreshing to see a unique dynamic of women looking a little bit blue collar and tough while the men opted for a more traditional aesthetic. All in all the styles were simple and easy to rock out in, letting the music take center stage, as it should.