About Us

Ticketpro Inc. has been a leading provider of ticketing solutions in Canada since 2003.

Ticketpro Mission: Our mission at Ticketpro is to develop innovative and flexible services that guarantee optimal ticket sales to your audience.

Ticketpro Vision: The Ticketpro team continuously strives to meet the needs of its customers and clients by providing superior customer service and a superior product.

Ticketpro’s Corporate Values: achievement; dedication; collaboration; service to our clients and community; integrity; continuous growth; for all aspects of our business – as employers and as corporate partners.

Ticketpro provides all the necessary elements to ensure smooth ticket sales on-line and through our call centre, and provides full support for your Box Office operations. Our team has a vast array of experience in the entertainment and ticketing worlds.

Ticketpro believes in partnership: we offer a robust ticketing network and work with you to develop and grow. All our clients are on the same version of the software, receive all upgrades free of charge, and have access to all new features and reports.