Ticketpro Features

Ticketpro is constantly developing feature-rich solutions within a flexible ticketing platform for venues, events, producers and promoters.

Overall Characteristics

  • an externally-hosted, Windows-based, intuitive system supporting online, phone and in-person sales;

  • a secure and confidential interface that was designed to be simple with standardized menus in order to reduce training time and costs;

  • a customer-based database in order to optimize marketing analysis;

  • both general admission and reserved seating capabilities, with easily-managed seat inventory;

  • multi-venue and multi-outlet capability, with clear audit trails for client and rental events;

  • on-line services, mobile technologies, stand alone box offices, and a call centre that can handle phone sales, customer inquiries and support;

  • software that is capable of selling a high volume of tickets in a very short time, and process in excess of 200,000 transactions per hour online.

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System Features

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Operational Capability

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